Two fans penalized in NRL for racial abuse

Latrell Mitchell was allegedly racially abused last weekend. Picture: NRL Photos | Cooper McEnroe

In a stunning display of unsportsmanlike conduct, two NRL fans have found themselves benched indefinitely for racial abuse towards South Sydney players.

The incident left Souths star Jack Wighton shaking his head in disbelief, as his teammates Latrell Mitchell and Cody Walker were targeted by the offensive taunts.

The NRL has taken a strong stance against this behavior, issuing banning notices to the two fans involved.

The club officials at South Sydney Rabbitohs did not hold back, labeling the actions as "disgusting" and calling for swift action to be taken.

The allegations stem from last weekend's match against St George Illawarra at Kogarah, where a fan was reported to have repeatedly hurled racial insults at Mitchell and Walker.

Despite leaving the stadium without being reprimanded by security, the offenders were ultimately identified and faced with consequences.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo wasted no time in addressing the issue, emphasizing that racism has no place in the sport.

"Abusive behavior directed at players will not be tolerated," he asserted, highlighting the importance of speaking out against such misconduct.

The NRL's firm response serves as a reminder that sportsmanship and respect are essential components of the game.

As the league continues to uphold these values, fans are urged to support their teams with passion and enthusiasm, while staying mindful of the impact their words can have on fellow players.

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