NRL drug testing move criticized as abuse of power

NRL slammed over ‘abhorrent abuse of power’ over drug testing move | Jason Patrick

In a move described by the RLPA as an "abhorrent abuse of power," the NRL has come under fire for its handling of drug testing procedures in the midst of the latest social media controversy.

Four Roosters players found themselves in the spotlight over the weekend, facing accusations of misconduct after appearing in a questionable state during a live stream on Terrell May's Twitch account.

The players in question - Brandon Smith, Zach Dockar-Clay, Naufahu Whyte, and Spencer Leniu - were subject to targeted drug testing by the NRL following the online backlash.

However, the Roosters were quick to defend their players, dismissing any insinuation of wrongdoing in a statement released on Tuesday.

The Sydney Morning Herald has since reported that the NRL conducted drug tests on the four players at Roosters training, revealing no evidence of illicit substance use.

This development has sparked further debate within the rugby league community, with critics accusing the NRL of overstepping their boundaries and mishandling the situation.

Despite the NRL's efforts to maintain integrity and uphold standards within the sport, this incident has left fans and players alike questioning the league's judgment.

As the rugby league world grapples with the fallout from this controversial drug testing move, one thing is for certain - the game is no stranger to controversy, and the NRL must tread carefully in its pursuit of maintaining a clean and fair competition.

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