Ethan Strange's NRL Charge: A Shocking Judi-Carry?

Judiciary: Ethan Strange | Jess Malloy

In a not-so-strange turn of events, Canberra Raiders' halfback Ethan Strange finds himself in hot water after being charged by the NRL match review committee.

Following an intense pre-season challenge match against the Cowboys, Strange has been slapped with a grade one dangerous throw charge on Thomas Mikaele, leaving fans and pundits questioning his judgement on the field.

While the consequences for such a charge may seem like small change to some, with a $1000 fine looming if he takes the early pleas, Strange risks paying an even steeper price - $1500 - if he decides to fight it and ultimately loses.

The pressure is on for Strange to make a wise choice, as the Raiders look to kick off their season on the right foot.

Let's hope this incident does not set a strange precedent for his future performances.

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