Sydney Roosters roasted for Fifita's NRL flip-flop

Sydney Roosters called out over glaring detail around David Fifita's NRL backflip | Cooper McEnroe

The Sydney Roosters have been left red-faced after David Fifita performed an unexpected about-face on his commitment to join the club in 2025.

The fallout from this shocking reversal may just be starting to unravel.

The Roosters, known for their professionalism and dignity, pride themselves on their carefully orchestrated moves both on and off the field.

However, this recent blunder has cast a shadow on their usually spotless reputation.

Fifita's sudden change of heart has been a source of embarrassment for the Roosters and their esteemed chairman Nick Politis.

Despite Politis' shrewd business acumen, even he was blindsided by Fifita's indecisiveness during the initial negotiations.

It was clear to Politis that Fifita's hesitancy was a sign that he was not fully committed to the move to the Roosters.

Despite his initial instincts to cut ties with Fifita, Politis and the Roosters pressed on in their pursuit of the star forward, eager to make a statement against powerhouse club Penrith.

In the end, they secured their target player, but not without causing some friction with another club in the process.

The Roosters' attempt to assert themselves as a destination for top-tier talent may have hit a snag with Fifita's flip-flop, but they remain determined to bounce back from this setback and prove their worth in the fiercely competitive world of Rugby League.

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