Storm surge into NRLW with new high-tech facility

Victorian Minister for Sport, Steve Dimopoulos with Storm Junior Rep players | Cooper McEnroe

"When it comes to rugby league in Melbourne, the Storm are setting their sights high," says Poloai, a long-time figure in the local rugby league scene.

"It's not a matter of if, but when we will see the women's team take the field."

The new facility is a game-changer for the club, especially as they make their mark in the NSWRL competitions this year.

With men's teams already in the mix, the focus is now on building up the women's program and paving the way for a future NRLW bid.

While the Storm may not currently have a presence in the women's competitions, plans are in motion to change that.

An U/17's team is on the horizon for the Lisa Fiaola Cup, with hopes of a Tarsha Gale Cup side to follow.

"We're laying down the groundwork for something special here," Poloai explains.

"The Storm are ready to step up and show what we're made of in the world of women's rugby league.

It's all about building that solid foundation and ensuring we're primed for success."

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