Sky Blues tackle training changes to avoid repeat loss

The Sky Blues were outplayed in game one last year but have made some changes with their preparation to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Picture: Matt King/Getty Images | Jason Patrick

"An Absolute Shocking Result for the Game": Sky Blues Revamp Training Regimen to Avoid Repeat of Last Year's Defeat

In a surprising turn of events, what was initially seen as a major setback for NSW has now become a huge advantage leading up to the State of Origin opener.

According to reports from, while the Queensland team has been dominating the BMD Premiership for the past two months, the Sky Blues are feeling confident after spending seven weeks in camp together.

They believe this extended preparation will better equip them to avoid a repeat of last year's "embarrassing" loss in game one.

Unlike the previous year, when the Harvey Norman NSW Women's Premiership took place before the State of Origin series, the 2024 season has been rescheduled to July to align as a feeder competition for the NRLW.

Last year's competition concluded more than a month before the Origin series, resulting in a lackluster performance in Sydney due to players being out of sync.

In that game, both teams committed 12 errors each, ultimately leading to a victory for Queensland.

However, NSW managed to redeem themselves in Townsville by reducing the errors to just seven.

Reflecting on last year's disappointing display, NSW star Jess Sergis commented, "Looking back, it was a little bit embarrassing for the game.

I think there were 15 errors which was pretty horrible.

We're focused on that not happening again but also playing the style of footy."

She added, "We've reached a point where people enjoy watching women's football, so to have that scrappy game last year that wasn't reflective of the style was disappointing.

We have a lot of areas to work on, and with three games ahead of us, there's a great opportunity for improvement."

The sky's the limit for the Sky Blues as they strive to showcase their best performance and leave their mark on the field in the upcoming State of Origin series.

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