Rugby League fans flock to the skies: NRL soars

Big rise in NRL viewership numbers on Sky platforms | Nick Loken

The NRL season of 2024 has seen a remarkable increase in viewership numbers on Sky platforms, with the reporting some impressive statistics.

It seems that New Zealanders have truly embraced the sport, with almost 1.59 million tuning in to watch the action on Sky Sport and Sky Open, showing a hefty 14% jump from last year.

Not only that, but NRL matches were also streamed over 5.9 million times, a substantial 19% increase compared to the previous season.

The Warriors have proven to be the crowd favorites, with their matches drawing in large audiences and racking up impressive streaming numbers on Sky Sport Now and Sky Go.

The clash between the Warriors and the Raiders on March 22 was a real hit, pulling in a whopping 469,800 viewers with an extra 63,800 tuning in online.

The Warriors have shown their strength on the field, with matches against the Sharks and Sea Eagles also attracting sizeable audiences both on TV and online.

Sky's chief content and commercial officer, Jonny Errington, believes that the surge in NRL viewership can be attributed to the mesmerizing performances of the NZ Warriors.

The team has captured the hearts of fans, who have stood by them through the highs and lows of the season.

With such enthusiasm and support, it's no wonder that the NRL is experiencing a resurgence in popularity across the country.

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