Heavyweight Barry Haul shakes up rugby league weigh-in

AFL legend Barry Hall is primed for his fight with Curtis Scot. Picture: No Limit Boxing

LeagueNews.co | Cooper McEnroe

Barry "The Brawler" Hall has caused a stir with his transformed physique ahead of his much-anticipated return to the ring.

The former AFL star has beefed up in preparation for his heavyweight clash, reminiscent of a champion coming out of retirement for one last shot at glory.

Despite giving away 12kg to his opponent Curtis Scott, Hall is ready to rumble with the energy of a seasoned veteran.

This showdown is shaping up to be a clash of titans, with Scott's trainer touting his punching power as formidable as any heavyweight in the country.

Hall's revamped look was just the beginning of the drama at the weigh-in event, where Sydney lightweight Youssef Dib raised eyebrows by coming in heavy.

The atmosphere was charged with tension as Australian fighter Sam Goodman faced off against his Thai rival in a display of pure intensity.

With his older brother and former champion Billy Dib by his side, 'Uwee' was called out for his unprofessionalism after failing to make weight.

The pressure was on as the clock ticked down for Dib to shed the excess kilos and show his true fighting spirit.

This showdown is set to be a thrilling spectacle, reminiscent of classic rugby league battles where legends are made and champions rise to the occasion.

Order now to witness the action unfold on Wednesday's No Limit Pay-Per-View event in Wollongong, where history will be made in the boxing ring.

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