Benji Marshall ignites 'firestorm' as Tigers clean house

John Bateman may be on the move again. Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images. | Jason Patrick

In a move that has sparked a 'firestorm' of controversy, Benji Marshall is reportedly at the epicenter of a Wests Tigers "clean out" operation, with whispers of big-name stars departing the struggling club.

With the Tigers enduring a dismal run of seven consecutive losses, it seems drastic measures are on the horizon, with some of the highest-paid players facing the chopping block.

News has surfaced that star forward Isaiah Papali'i has been given the green light to exit the club at the end of the season, despite being contracted until 2025 on a hefty deal.

The news of Papali'i's potential departure has ignited a bidding war among rival clubs, with the New Zealand international attracting keen interest.

But it appears the Tigers' clear-out won't stop there, as reports suggest players like Jayden Sullivan, Brent Naden, and Charlie Staines are also on the chopping block.

This shake-up in the Tigers' roster is causing quite a stir in the Rugby League world, with many speculating on the future of the club under Marshall's leadership.

Only time will tell how this 'clean out' will impact the team's performance on the field.

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