Annesley grills Bunker for missed Salmon call scandal

The NRL says the Bunker should have penalised Jaeman Salmon for his late hit on Te Maire Martin. | Jess Malloy

In a move that will have Warriors fans feeling gutted, the NRL has admitted that their team should have been given a chance at goal late in their game against the Bulldogs.

NRL head honcho Graham Annesley didn't mince words, slamming the Bunker for a glaringly missed penalty that ultimately cost the Warriors the game.

The controversial play in question involved Bulldogs player Jaeman Salmon making a late hit on Te Maire Martin, causing Martin to suffer a broken jaw.

Despite the hit resulting in an injury and Salmon copping a two-game ban, Bunker official Adam Gee's focus on the contact being high rather than late had Annesley shaking his head.

"The Bunker got caught up in whether it was a high tackle or not, completely ignoring the fact that the hit was late and Martin had already passed the ball," Annesley explained.

"The match review committee understood the gravity of the situation and penalized Salmon for dangerous play due to the lateness of the tackle, not the location of the contact."

While the NRL's apology may provide some solace to upset Warriors fans, it won't change the outcome of the game that slipped through their fingers.

Fans will have to lick their wounds and hope for better luck in future matches.

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